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    • Your Relationship with You!
    • 05-23-21

    First things first.  The single most important relationship you will ever have is the one you develop with yourself.  This all-important relationship will become the soil from which true and lasting self-love can flourish.  Inside this relationship you will learn how to accept and honor what is true for you.  You will peel back the layers to reveal what matters most to you.  What grows here replaces our need for outside validation.  In its place, empowerment and possibly even a fearlessness you may have once experienced as a child takes root.  If you take the time to grow the connection with yourself, you will begin to see how everything springs from what we think about ourselves and the world around us.  You will start to see the immense power you have when you decide on purpose what you want to think.

    So, how do we develop this relationship with ourselves?  This is a rich question and simply put, it is a process that asks for consistent nurturing, simple curiosity, and compassionate self-acceptance.  Before we can accept ourselves, we first need to understand who we are…not who we think people want us to be, but who we are, genuinely.  Can we even hear that faint whisper or perhaps it is a cry above the rancorous voice of our inner critic?  I believe we free our truth by becoming aware of our thoughts and learning how to manage them in a way we maybe haven’t done before.  It is about holding compassionate space for our inner voice to come forward, about peering within without judgement and quieting the critical voice that has been allowed to run wild and free for most of our lives.  I invite you to ponder the idea that the thoughts we think create our feelings and from those feelings, we are compelled to take action (or to not take action) in our lives, and this is what ultimately creates the results we see and live.

    As you explore and grow this precious relationship with yourself, your perspective on everything will begin to shift.  As you come to understand more deeply the power of your thoughts, you will begin to see that only you can create your feelings and that you are not responsible for how others feel.  This is such great news because knowing this allows us to put our energies where they are most impactful.  You will discover where your power truly resides and how to harness it for positive purpose.

    The benefits of becoming your own best friend are limitless.  When you know who you are and have done the crucible work of learning how to love and accept your whole-self including your shadow side, then you can come out the other side and hold all that you are as valued, loved, worthy, and cherished.  It is then that you know nothing will be able to hold you back from achieving whatever it is that you want to achieve.

    If you want to have an extraordinary life, you must stand on the precipice of all that you do not yet know about yourself and dive head-first into that unknown.  Accepting yourself is step one, and this takes practice.  From true acceptance, loving yourself becomes easy and follows naturally.  If you take the time to learn who you are and develop a healthy, loving relationship with yourself, you will experience amazing results.

    So, go ahead, spend some time with you and find out what makes that heart of yours skip a beat, what you really would like to do with your time, and who could you become?  Open yourself up to the voice in your head and bravely listen.  Decide if the station playing is one you enjoy and want to continue listening to or if it is one you will choose to change.  I would love to help you explore and uncover the magnificence of you.  Check in here for more thoughtful ponderings and sharing of lessons learned.  Grab a free discovery session if you haven’t already, and let’s see what we can create in your world.  You are worth it!!

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