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    • Value – Understanding Ours Part 4
    • 06-24-22

    Today, I am so grateful for the painful experience I endured while the lesson landed and grew inside of me because I know no one will ever be able to take this gift from me. I will never again seek my value outside of myself. I adore my value and me partly because of having worked so hard to finally get it!

    The fun thing is that in owning your value, you will take your power back. It is amazing to be in a place of confident, self-trust because you know what you value, and you stand for what you value.

    If someone doesn’t agree with your values, that is no problem. Simply do a quick gut check to be sure you’re still in integrity with what you value and if you are, let your internal response be “no problem, not my people”, and choose to simply allow the difference. Period. If someone cannot experience your amazingness, that is not your problem, but rather their loss. We don’t need to villainize anyone. We all beat to different drums and some people are going to love us and some aren’t. All good!

    Let me leave you with this thought today. We, each, have the power to change our lives. We, alone, determine what our value is in this world and how loveable we are. We have the great honor to step into our value and our worthiness and to wear these like crown jewels. When we value ourselves and accept our inherent worthiness, we begin to live from a place of authenticity, and life just seems to make more sense.

    The world needs your very special and unique gifts. When we love and accept ourselves for who we genuinely are without apology, and with great compassion, true love, and incredible acceptance, we are valuing ourselves and from here, we can create the lives of our dreams.

    Call your power home. Listen to your inner guidance and stand tall and proud for what you value! The world needs YOU!

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