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    • Value – Understanding Ours Part 3
    • 06-15-22

    The lessons learned from getting curious about value took a little minute to fully connect inside of me, but when they did , I stopped doubting my value. I stopped trying to prove my value especially to those who didn’t value what I valued, and I stopped taking all of it so personally.

    This exercise freed me and is in large part why I decided to become a coach. Until this experience, I had been living my life trapped by the opinion of others. I measured my every word and action in hopes of being valued and accepted, but I was miserable and felt lost and empty.

    The irony is I was not valuing myself and was repeatedly rejecting myself in favor of what others valued over what I did. Through the grace of curiosity, I found my way out of my over-reliance on outside validation and began calling my power back.

    It is my hope you will never again feel the sting of rejection when someone doesn’t value what you value. Instead, I hope you double down on what you value and stand in your truth with great confidence.

    Once you fully comprehend this, your life will begin to shift. You’ll stop seeking outside validation, and begin seeking your own opinion and honoring it despite what anyone else has to say.

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