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    • Jo M – Kansas City, MO
    • 06-09-21

    Do you have a dream you can’t quite achieve or can’t even get started on?  Working with Kathi will change your life.  She will help you uncover sources of sabotage, doubt, and other dream killers and replace them with a reservoir of self-love and confidence so deep your dreams can’t help but flourish.   As a recovering perfectionist, Kathi has helped me to uncover patterns of negative thought and self-talk, understand how they adversely impact my life, and find a new path rooted in love and confidence.   Doggedly, she has encouraged me to dwell in my “zone of genius” and helped me to see that my dreams matter and are worth pursuing.  So many times I have been shrouded in self-doubt or fear and wanted to throw in the towel on a big dream or idea, and Kathi has coached me out of the abyss.  I (and my dreams) are so lucky to have experienced Kathi’s coaching.


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