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    • DF – Napa, CA
    • 10-12-2020

    I wouldn’t say I was stuck, but rather just not moving toward fulfilling my life’s purpose as fast as I wanted. Being a connoisseur of self-help/improvement books, I believed I was taking most of the actions I needed toward achieving my goals… yet somehow, I knew I could do better. It was at this time I started my work with Kathi. With her coaching, I was introduced to tools that helped me evaluate and remove the obstacles that were slowing me from my success. With Kathi’s guidance, I’ve been able to refine my goals and bring them into focus. Using her techniques, I am successfully executing actions and making my goals a reality. Whether you are moving forward, stopped, or sliding backward, I would strongly recommend chatting with Kathi to see if there is a good fit. I am extremely satisfied with the progress I have made, and now that I have the tools, my growth is increasing exponentially.

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