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    • Learning to Love Yourself
    • 10-27-21

    Do you question your worthiness, does your sense of self depend on whether people like you or approve of you?  If the powerful trifecta of low self-esteem, low self-confidence, and low self-worth are your constant companions, you’ve come to the right place.  I can help you!

    If you want to develop genuine self-confidence and rock-solid, unshakeable self-love, so you can kick ass in your life and fulfill your dreams, I’m the one you’ve been searching for because I have been there and live to tell a new, much brighter story today!

    Before I found and began doing this work, my sense of self was either up-lifted or devastated based on what others thought of me instead of what I thought of me.  My moods would swing in an instant if someone seemed to approve of me or if  I thought someone rejected me.  I spent so much time worrying about how I looked, what others thought of me, and whether I would achieve acceptance that I was exhausted and depressed with my life.  I began numbing out with food and cocktails.  I continued to attract the very people to my life that would never be able to truly love me because I hadn’t done the work to love myself.  When you don’t love yourself, you attract people from the same camp of self-loathing.  For me, the whole cycle continued and repeated itself for many years.  Eventually after much soul searching and many broken relationships and hearts, I began to understand that in order to love anyone else, I had to love me.  This also was true for anyone I met.  In order for them to love me, they too would have to love themselves first.

    When I say love myself, I mean really, truly love me…all of me.  Not just the parts I wanted the world to see, but the parts I couldn’t bear to look at, the parts of me I imagined the world wouldn’t like.  It took some time, but once I made that connection, tiny shifts began to occur and where it was once unimaginable to feel love for myself, I started to see little flickers of appreciation.  I practiced regularly to pause, take a deep breath, and interrupt my brain when it thought devastating things about me.  I began to get curious and to question everything my brain delivered to me as the truth.  I began to wonder what other thoughts could I think that might help me feel better about myself.  I devoured books, podcasts, self-love assignments but honestly, what it took was becoming aware of what my brain was saying to me, and then asking myself how these thoughts served me and if they did not, I began to think about what thoughts might serve me, and then I began to think those new thoughts.  It sounds simple enough, but it is in the willingness to be brave and to look within and to stand up for that weakened person inside of you and demand something more.  This work requires regular practice, regular questioning of your thoughts, and regular celebration of the tiniest of forward steps.  If you do this work, you will create a crack in the tough shell of the negative oriented brain and you will rescue your inner beauty.  You will begin to see how amazing, beautiful, and lovable you inherently already are.

    What took the longest for me was making the connection that what I think about creates what I feel and what I feel leads me to take actions or stay in inaction which, without question, determines the results I see in my life. It took me a long time and still the patterns are present to slip now and again, but I’ve learned some amazing things as I took a deep dive into how to change.  I now see how I had given away my power and how I did not pause to even question the stories my brain was telling me about me and the rest of the world.  It does not happen overnight, but before too long, tiny seedlings of new beliefs, new options begin to take root.  If you take similar action, you too can create new beliefs about yourself. These new beliefs will empower you to take action and will expand the possibilities for your life.

    Consistency is the game-changer here.  Consistently challenge your brain to think new, more empowering thoughts and slow down long enough to celebrate the simplest of accomplishments as you journey along the path to discovering your true inner beauty.

    If you’re finding you might like some support on this journey, let me show you how powerful even one coaching session can be.  Sign up for a free 45-minute discovery session.  You won’t be disappointed!  I have discovered and created some really helpful tools to help streamline the process and to help you build a habit you can easily do that will change your life for the better!

    Click here to sign up for a free discovery session https://yourmeaningfulmidlife.com/work-with-me-2/

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