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    • Choosing to Change
    • 05-30-21

    Lasting change occurs when you become willing to trade being comfortable for being vulnerable and brave enough to deeply listen to your inner voice.  Why does that voice complain so violently?  What causes you to cry and hurt?  Do you know?  Do you know what makes your heart sing?  Can you see your incredible light or are you distracted by the sagging skin, the wrinkles, the out of proportion thighs, or something else that doesn’t fit your image of perfection?  Why do you choose perfection over what is?  Do you know that perfection is a myth and not attainable anyway?  What would your inner voice say if you just stopped and looked at yourself?  I mean really looked with the eyes of someone who treasured you for all your glorious beauty and imperfect form?  What if the imperfections endeared you to you and made you feel more connected in a deep and soulful way?  What do you imagine an inner climate of self-love and self-acceptance would to do the content your inner critic produces?

    Let’s consider being willing to be curious here.  With a gentle hand and a pure heart, let’s compassionately pull back the layers covering our deepest truth and see what might be underneath…burning brightly if we simply allow ourselves to be witnessed.  Might it be the self we cannot currently bear to even think about?  Let’s look with kind and loving eyes.  Let’s imagine a small child who did not get to hear, for one reason or another, how absolutely outstanding and amazing they really are.  The reason the child did not get this important messaging is not what matters.  That is the past, and we cannot change it, nor do we want to.  The past has contributed to the incredible tapestry of who we are and was perfectly choreographed to bring us to this moment which is filled with opportunity.

    Begin with recognizing how brave you are and how perfectly imperfect we all are.  Pause.  Let those words sink deep into your heart.  Feel love and acceptance warm you and penetrate the frozen layers of your own self-disdain/judgement.  Ask yourself, why unworthiness dwells here.  What led you to the place where you stopped seeing your inner radiant light?  When you become compassionately curious not only with why you did or didn’t do something, but with whether your thoughts are even true, you begin to loosen the chains that imprison you.  Chances are you believe the negative thoughts your brain is telling you about yourself and everything around you.  Even if you believe they are true, consider that your brain may be wrong, and more importantly, so what?  If it is all true, so what?  How does thinking these kinds of thoughts serve you or anyone else?  If these thoughts are not serving you, begin to let them go.  Check back here for next week’s post on letting go…

    If you like to take this work deeper, I’d love to help you on your journey of self-discovery.  Sign up for a 1:1 session, and let’s see what we can awaken.  You are worth it!

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