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    MID - LIFE

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    MID - LIFE

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    I am delighted you have arrived! I hold a strong belief that we all have an inner masterpiece waiting to be discovered. If you are ready to live life at your optimal potential, I would be honored and excited to support you in actualizing your dreams.

    As a highly empathic, deep listener and healer, it is my mission to share all that is possible to help you build a wholehearted, beautiful life, filled with self-love, confidence, and possibility.

    Using well-honed practices and tools, I will guide you in a personally tailored process to:

    • help shed an outdated persona that causes you to feel inadequate and unworthy
    • address thought patterns, behaviors, and practices that have cast shadows on your dreams
    • uproot limiting beliefs that have kept you living small
    • provide deep healing and activation of opportunities you may never have thought possible
    • tap into inner powers that have been waiting to be revealed
    • help you build an unshakable foundation rooted in self-love
    • provide the tools to set and achieve personal goals
    • promote exponential growth, a sense of self-worth, confidence and inner peace

    I look forward to working with you and having you join our growing tribe of empowered beings.


    I am a humble and creative girl who finds the simple things in life enchanting.  Finally taking the brave and life-changing step of becoming a Certified Life Coach kicked off a healing and transformative odyssey into all things related to SELF: self-improvement, self-love, self-healing, self-esteem, self-confidence, self-concept, and self-worth!

    It is my ever-growing passion to help people uncover the dreams, creativity, and confidence that lay hidden beneath years of self-sabotage, neglect, doubt, and relentless fears of not being good enough.

    Kathi Weber


    Learn how to take back your power and begin cultivating an extraordinary life that aligns with your deepest desires.  For a limited time, I am offering a free 30-minute session where I’ll teach you some of the most effective tools that will have you taking immediate action and dismantling what currently holds you back from creating the life of your dreams!


    Your Relationship with You!


    The single most important relationship you will ever have is the one you develop with yourself.  This all-important relationship will become the soil from… 

    Choosing to Change


    Lasting change occurs when you become willing to trade being comfortable for being vulnerable and brave enough to deeply listen to your inner voice.

    Letting Go


    Letting go is different for each of us.  For some, curiosity shines a light that instantly dissolves the mistruths and for others, like me, it is a process.  As you work through the process, the momentum builds though and at times,..

    A Tool to Grow Your Relationship with You


    We can grow this relationship with ourselves by utilizing different tools, but slowing things down so we can hear the faint stirrings held deep within us can be a perfect place to start.

    Learning to Love Yourself


    Who might you be willing to be?

    Value – Understanding Ours Part 1


    A self-love tip is to stop periodically along the way to admire and love yourself for exactly who you are. YOU are so valuable

    Value – Understanding Ours Part 2


    What do you value?

    Value – Understanding Ours Part 3


    What you value matters most!

    Value – Understanding Ours Part 4


    Your Value Belongs to You!

    Mary S – Florence, Italy

    My life coaching sessions with Kathi have been life-changing for me. I’m someone who has struggled with being overwhelmed by negative self-talk and social anxiety for years and I noticed a positive shift immediately after my first session. She’s given me the tools to quiet that inner voice and begin to overcome other obstacles that have held me back for years from achieving my goals and having more harmony in my life. I’m on a journey towards living more compassionately, intentionally and confidently very much thanks to Kathi and our work together.


    Doug F – Napa, CA

    I wouldn’t say I was stuck, but rather just not moving toward fulfilling my life’s purpose as fast as I wanted. Being a connoisseur of self-help/improvement books, I believed I was taking most of the actions I needed toward achieving my goals… yet somehow, I knew I could do better. It was at this time I started my work with Kathi. With her coaching, I was introduced to tools that helped me evaluate and remove the obstacles that were slowing me from my success. With Kathi’s guidance, I’ve been able to refine my goals and bring them into focus. Using her techniques, I am successfully executing actions and making my goals a reality. Whether you are moving forward, stopped, or sliding backward, I would strongly recommend chatting with Kathi to see if there is a good fit. I am extremely satisfied with the progress I have made, and now that I have the tools, my growth is increasing exponentially.

    Denise W – Madison, WI

    My coaching sessions with Kathi have helped my self-confidence grow exponentially. It is often scary to
    push past my limited thinking boundaries and embrace other possibilities for myself, but
    Kathi has an exquisite way of supporting my process no matter where I am with it. She is the
    embodiment of a loving witness. Through my work with Kathi, I frequently repeat to myself that I am
    enough, I am loved, and lovable. I’m now believing nothing in this life can or ever will change that. What
    a gift I’ve given myself to experience such heartfelt guidance from Kathi! If you, too, are seeking, reach
    out to Kathi and book a session to see what you can create in your life!



    Jane S – Omaha, NE

    “Kathi is insightful, intuitive and filled with compassion. I’ve recently completed a 12 week program with her and it’s been amazing. I’ve enjoyed raised awareness as well as new friendships and connections. In addition to going through her program, I’ve worked one on one with her and she is delightful. If you are looking to strengthen your relationship with yourself and witness the transformational results at work in your life, check her out today. Working with Kathi has been life changing for me.”

    Jo M – Kansas City, MO

    Do you have a dream you can’t quite achieve or can’t even get started on?  Working with Kathi will change your life.  She will help you uncover sources of sabotage, doubt, and other dream killers and replace them with a reservoir of self-love and confidence so deep your dreams can’t help but flourish.   As a recovering perfectionist, Kathi has helped me to uncover patterns of negative thought and self-talk, understand how they adversely impact my life, and find a new path rooted in love and confidence.   Doggedly, she has encouraged me to dwell in my “zone of genius” and helped me to see that my dreams matter and are worth pursuing.  So many times I have been shrouded in self-doubt or fear and wanted to throw in the towel on a big dream or idea, and Kathi has coached me out of the abyss.  I (and my dreams) are so lucky to have experienced Kathi’s coaching.

    Susan B – Oakland, CA

    As a health care provider, with a strong personal interest in physical, mental, and spiritual health, I have for many years sought out seminars and the writings of a wide range of teachers – Eckhart Tolle, Adyashanti, Carolyn Myss, Louise Haye, Debbi Ford, etc.

    However, my current sessions with Kathi Weber have had a far more positive and profound impact on the quality of my day to day life, than any of these above mentioned luminaries. Kathi has a lovely ability to “hear” between the lines, tenderly offer feedback, provide personalized assignments, and offer insightful guidance toward actualizing the authentic and abundant life I’ve long been seeking.


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